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some heavy rainfall here. fairfax down towards lark spur and paradise avenue. we're seeing some moderate rain now. it's not over yet. i want to take you to other parts of the bay area, we're seeing showers around the east bay. we're still tracking showers, spotty. but they're popping up you can see hereinland. in the east bay. down towards south bay, showers as well. showers have been very, very light compared to other parts of the bay area, there is a look at it. we have a flash flood watch. grounds saturated. take a look at why. last 48 hours, eight and a half inches of rain, up in san francisco about an inch and a half. oakland, two.
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and livermore, an inch and just over three quarters. contra costa county wind gusts today. here is what is coming up. third storm in the last one, this weekend, saturday night, 11 p.m. stormy weather. heavy rain, wind, 7:00 a.m. across the heart of the bay area continuing through 9:00 a.m. we have our radar i'll be back with rainfall totals and these look impressive. >> thank you. as expected north bay saw heaviest rain today. abc 7 news is live from petaluma now. >> like tell you, showers popping up here, too. here in the north bay, heavy down pours created spotty problems here. this parking lot this morning was flooded.
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right after this owners couldn't get a truck in or out. water receded now as we speak but owners expect it to happen over again this weekend. >> that is soil. >> leeland says he's been down this road before. at least, his parking lot has, now submerged in water. >> first place to food is petaluma is sometimes the only place that floods in petaluma. there has been a lot of work done to contain flooding downstream. and this happens to use this morning's down pours turned a creek twhaz barely battling into a waterway. and this overflowed banks. >> this is yesterday we're seeing ground, grass, puddles.
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if you can believe predictions of the rain we're supposed to get this, will flood. >> those who haven't had water encroach on them are doing what they can to make sure it doesn't. next rounds of rains line up on the coast. rob works for a refridge company that sits in a low spot near the river. the property hasn't flooded in years but there is concern that it might if the forecast for the weekend holds through. >> they're saying the pipe supposed to be seven feet high in the river. about eight yearsing ao, river overflowed so we don't want to -- if it's a heavy rain you never know what it's liable to get to. >> and again, despite the shower they've gotten a bit of a break here this afternoon. of course, all eyes will be on those rivers, those creeks and in trouble spots like this, because as we know by now, rivers and creeks are full. round is saturated as we head
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into the weekend. >> thank you. >> south bay saw heavy rain today. this road had problem was water earlier today, as you can see, traffic moving smoothly, slower on the left side of the screen. but also, abc news reporter is standing by. and you can see it is raining there. a live look at the sloppy conditions there in the santa cruz mountain autos about haifl mile stretch of highway 9 has been closed all day because of a power pole falling over tlchl the power lines have been hanging over the road, too low to pass by so there is 76 customers in that area without power. >> look at that. huge wall went flying down there. >> in bolder creek, locals
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come to check out the river. >> do you take precautions? >> sure. how many flashlights? >> we have a tiny candle. we've got dozens of them. and we fill up the car. >> often taking polls and line was them, you can almost plan on losing power at some point. and in this case, the road is closed, too. a segment of highway 9. this shop is there and he knew the tree would fall. >> it's been leaning for a couple days and finally fell. >> outage does offer a silver lining. >> i just turn on the generator. people either come around one way or another, pick up the wood. because goising to get cold. >> there is a prediction of wham, wham, several storms coming in. 12 inches of rain. >> linda loveless runs united
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churches missions they've been giving away sandbag skprz ready to hand out free kits paid for by pg&e. >> are you flying, too? >> yes. >> rubber gloves? it doesn't require a disaster for people to need a hand. >> this road is sometimes closed. they just seem to get out of the rain and car. get them and cookies. >> hot coffee, cookies solving everything. pg&e hopes to have that segment reopened and customers there with their power restored by 9:30. tonight. live on highway 17, abc 7 news. >> heather, thank you. road conditions treacherous out tlchl a 3-year-old air lifted to oakland with serious head injuries after a spinout on the west highway. the car accident happened on web highway 4 just east. exit. the force of the spinout in this suv threw the boy out of the car seat and through a
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window. there were others injured in this crash as well. no word tonight on their condition. >> san francisco saw a mix of damage from a few flooded streets to one tree that smashed a car. we are live now from the great highway. it's actually closed now as a precaution. thomas? >> that is right. it's also raining here. they clogsed from lincoln way in both directions. they say because of the storms. now, dpw had to deal with a tree that fell on a car. >> it was just like a loud thud. like it seemed louder than what it looked like. >> the thud she's describing is the sound this tree made whit fell over on pine street at about 8:30 ap. -- am. san francisco power closed off pine street for a while. unfortunately, the tree landed on this mercedes-benz. the trunk rolled off the car. workers sawing off the limbs.
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the car belongs to ashley jenkins. >> i hope it's not a total loss. i just bought the car. so i love it. it's been great for me so far. but i'm just trying to think positively about it. >> she says another tree fell last year on this street. she says neighbors are concerned trees have shallow roots, too vulnerable in storms like these. they can hand on lempeople as well. >> i saw the tree just fall into the street. this could have been tragic. we're lucky there are no cars on the streets. >> toppling trees are a major concern. rec and park discovered this tree is just about to fall. and they decided to bring the spruce down. large storm waves found at the ocean from ocean beach to pacifica. jeff says living here means you have to be prepared when the storms come through. >> i probably should be happy to have batteries and canned goods and have water to be
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common sense for people here. >> when it made a brief showing it's accompanied by the rainbow seen from ocean beach. parks and rec told us they spent the day clearing up fallen limbs and trees. they say they have cruise standing by to deal with damage from the next storm. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> now, a few viewer sent in this picture today. take a look at another view of the rainbow mentioned. this stretching across san francisco after heavy rain changed into showers this afternoon. we'd like to share your pictures as well. send them to you reports. you can share them with us through facebook and twitter. >> east bay, rain picked up again. it's not stopping the tree lighting ceremony at jack london scare. -- square. nick smith joins us live from oakland with a look at the impact today. music sounds great.
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>> music sounds great. we had a little bit of snow. you're missing that in the studio. everyone out here is here for the tree lighting. the crowd has grown, the rain has not been a deterrent but it's ate theme for the weekend. some of it has been and others will happen, rain or shine. >> the intersection of third and washington streets alake. rain waters so high a pond blocks parking spaces, pouring into a lane of traffic. caltrans had a busy day. they have 300 cameras trained across counties to monitor traffic. these dots indicate problems where traffic has been brought to a stand still and attention may be needed. >> we find out what problems are so we can dispatch right people and equipment. >> chp responded to this accident on westbound 580 believing the driver may have been going faster than road
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condition as loued. they say the car flipped on impact, and the driver taken to the hospital. heavy rain means some of the holiday events planned for the weekend will be forced to wait for clear skies. >> that is bad for attendance. good for animals that love water. >> the water foul love this water. event planners not so much. high winds have taken down trees, caused runnoff and pushed the zoo lights grand opening tentatively to monday. >> you know, when as soon as that sun breaks out i want them to come back out. and after being cooped it's a good time to go to the zoo. >> also, those planning the 13th holiday parade. more than 2000 volunteers helped with the speck tack la. -- spectacle. patricia says organizers say rain or shine, the show will go on. >> this is going to happen. >> this is this happened 13
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years, it will, forever. >> the parade will happen, rain or shine. what we've noticed is that there has been a break in the rain, then starting again. the parade scheduled tomorrow, running along broad way and 20th streets. rain or shine. they're suggesting to come out with a poncho, can you bu come on out. nick smith, abc 7 news. >> sounds like good advice, thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage on the storms hitting the bay area, you can track rain yourself online with live doppler 7 at abc 7 >> murder mystery in a silicon valley community. coming up next, first killing in decades as neighbors shocked and scared. >> ucsf medical school gets new toys. how this expansion is helping students move a step ahead. >> and what is going on with
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raiders suspending row@ñ ñ
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police investigating a deadly home invasion in a santa clara county community where there had not been a murder under decades. the last time there was a homicide case it was 1972. here is a look from sky 7 hd. where officers responded to a call. they found a man dead, his wife, injured the house
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ransacked. news of the crime shocked people in this neighborhood. >> has not happened here. we don't expect it to happen here. and it's very shocking and i think everybody in the neighborhood is going to take security precautions to make sure it doesn't happen to them. >> police say they're looking for one or more people who committed this murder. >> we are on storm watch tonight. there are already worries about flooding in the north bay which saw the brunt of the system coming through today. mark matthews is live with a look at the swelling waters. mark? >> just north, the park and ride was a puddle this morning. at the marina, house boat residents were waiting to get to cars. >> marina residents describe a
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wild night. >> the wind. houses were moving in. just -- crazy. >> at noon today, tide reached just a foot away from flooding house as long the creek. trees topple add long the bay shore and at jj christmas tree lot, eileen's tent blew away. twisting and making a mess. >> yes. yes. it's a bit of a set back. this tent has to come down. >> she'll be back in business tomorrow. in larkspur trees into power lines were blamed for knocking out electricity. crews got the power back on this afternoon. but no power at wade thomas elementary school in the area meant 447 kindergarten through 5th graders got the day o also,
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sand dag -- sandbags lining doors down the street from the school. there are some lining the main street just in case. residents have been stopping by to check on it. >> it looks like 10-15 feet still to go. that level can go away fast. yeah. >> behind me, you can see here is with everybody is paying attention to. this is the creek. it's lower than it was today. it's started to rain again hard here. people coming by checking on the creek asking how much inches are we expecting to get tonight. everyone waiting to see what will come from the next storm. >> thank you. yes. live top pler 7 showing a lot of activity in that area. >> everybody wondering what is the weekend going to look like? >> part of the weekend does not look good. between saturday night, sunday
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morning it's going to be the roughest part of the next storm. it want to show you a live picture from our south beach camera. looking towards san francisco there, you can see clouds. and by have rain out there. it's picking up as park just shows you. it's focused in the north bay. notice yellows now showing up. the highway just west here we're seeing down pours now. around highway 116. be careful out there. yellows showing up east. you can see there, we're still getting showers developing here. bottom line is that east bay looks like. -- fine. now light toed who mod rit rain. so get ready for some more showers and at times, heavy briefly. showers on and off through saturday. heavy rain, wind, sunday morning. our watch flood continues.
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this is a storm brought us strong winds today and heavy rains. that storm two. it's moving out. but behind it, there still a lot of unstable air. that is why we're seeing showers coming down. developing storm three out over the pacific. this is your weekend storm. and here is what it's going to look like. computer at 7:00 p.m. tonight, you can see we do have rain, light to moderate. and therng as we head into overnight hours, showers tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. most of the wet weather focused in the north bay. it will be light to moderate at times, off and on throughout afternoon. heading into saturday night, 10:00 p.m. we start to see stormy weather developing north of santa rosa. that storm three is slowly starting to move south. 6:00 a.m. we're getting strong winds and heavy down pour was this storm. 8:00 a.m. into east bay and south bay a 10:00 starting to shift south and east more. by noon time, we're going to
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see sharp clearings behind this frochblt this is important if you're going to the raiders game. it's going to be an improving situation. rain should be out of there by then, rainfall totals up until 11 p.m. sunday look significant. north bay mountains up to seven inches. you add this on top of the saturated ground. you may have more problems. south bay, one to two inches of rain. we're not done yet. we do and are concerned about the russian river. it's close to eight feet. coming in at 24 feet and this would be going into sunday afternoon, monday morning. so a flood watch continues for that river. russian river at guerneville, look at the rise. it's almost 22 feet and
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expected to come to about 30 feet just below flood stage. heading into that next storm. so monday it's expected to get close to that level. high surf advisory until 10:00 a.m. saturday. waves continue to build up to 17 feet. watch out for rip currents. scattered showers, mainly 60s. accu-weather forecast, a rough part of storm three, late saturday night, sunday morning early afternoon and then, we'll start to dry it out. we'll need it. more rain tuesday coming into tuesday. that is coming in. >> you can say cover p a mall, right? >> exactly. >> look to the positive. >> i'll tell you something. i'm searching for noah's blueprints for building an arc. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> bay area woman upset after her car is stolen.
6:23 pm
it's not the car she cares about, but what is inside.
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taking a look at live
6:26 pm
doppler 7 hd. pockets of heavy rainfalling in the north bay. we expect more to come as this weekend unfolds. >> she appeared for a letter that got her on the oprah winfrey show. now, she's hoping to touch the heart of a thief who unwittingly made off with priceless family members in the back of a car. it's a gut wrenching story. >> 14 years ago, danielle went to meet oprah winfrey. >> have watched her on tv. >> she won a contest with an essay about her mom. kristin zee covered straight waking up to get her boys ready for school. >> the boys have grown up, but three months ago, clayton's life was cut short in a car crash. >> just saved money to buy a
6:27 pm
car. >> this is danielle today. heart broken now, victim of a crime. it was bad enough to begin with. and now, it's -- it's just got to be kidding me. >> danielle was about to drive her boy brind to work. he started the car then ran inside so get something. >> he said i'll meet you in the car. turned around and yelled the car is gone. >> in the back was her lap top filled with years of photos and videos. the last remaining memories of her brother, clayton. >> it's only a couple seconds long but the video means more to me than the car ever could. i just want my memories back. >> burlingame police say this is a safe neighborhood and the theft was almost certainly random crime of opportunity but that doesn't change the fact odds of getting the memories back are slim. police put the serial number in a data base. if they find it it could be too late.
6:28 pm
>> criminals tend to wipe them so we can't track it back. >> danielle has been searching craig's list for the rare rims on the truck and her late grander father's golf clubs in the back. another family memory. >> the biggest holiday present you can give me. my family to just bring our sentimental belongings back. please. >> that is heart breaking. >> we'll take you back to storm watch. >> a look at what is concerning authorities in southern california. >> from michael finney the customer discovered hard way he didn't get cash back bonus on the new iphone. >> later ucsf medical students solving mysteries of the human wod body. abc 7 news ú!)x
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storm watch continues right now. scattered showers are throughout the bay area heavier
6:32 pm
rain coming in tomorrow. crews had to drain this football field. the north bay saw similar flooded conditions. abc 7 news is live for us in sonoma county with the latest from there. >> i'm still standing alone except for cars here in the middle of highway 121. it's been blocked g news is maybe also this was the worst of the news. a flooded creek comes through with a large rain storm happened again, route 12, closed. here is how it looks now. let's take a look at earlier today. here is how they look today. automobiles abandoned by driver that's couldn't read warning signs or who ignored them or thought they ordered their cars with a pontoon option. nan was not among those drivers. >> i think that probably
6:33 pm
wasn't the wisest move. i always obey authority. well, not always, but when it serves my interest, i do. >> this is one of the cases? it would be. yes. >> to hear the department of public works tell it, state and federal authority has much to do with this problem. the intersection floods because a creek overflows, dredging would solve this problem but those higher authorities say no. >> argument is that it would be some serious environmental impacts. i think people having to deal with flooding would not agree. but it's federal agency autos if it's your call? >> i'd dredge it we found sonoma county wet, but functional. expect russian river to approach flood stage this weekend. minor flooding along streets and roads until summer and
6:34 pm
fall wash away. if rains were persistent expect soil to saturate early. it would mean more pressing problem autos we're los to being saturated now. and tomorrow night, the forecast is for another maybe five inches of rain. and so we'll have to see how this plays out. >> one place we know how it will play out. route 12, highway 121 in sonoma county. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> funny sound byte from the woman. she always on yeahs authority. another woman who always obeys. live doppler 7 obeys sandhya patel. >> not touching that one. >> good choice. we do have some brief down pours developing. we take you in and get closer. i'm going move around. we're seeing heavy returns showing up around bloomfield
6:35 pm
road. and we're seeing some showers actually moving quickly to the east. the showers are moving quickly and they're going to be around lighter showers towards san francisco, peninsula, south bay. back into the north bay here. i want to show you what it looks like here. we do have some moderate to heavy rain around fountain grove parkway. river road. fulton road. showers moving quickly. here, east of novato some moderate rainfall. we're on storm watch here, this is a concern. flood flood watch through sunday evening expecting several more inches of rain, smaller streams may overflow banks. we have a high surf advisory. i'll be back with another update in just a few minute autos thank you.
6:36 pm
>> stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage on storms hitting the bay area, you can track the rain yourself online with live doppler 7 hd on abc 7 in southern california what is being described as mild mannered storms expected to drop about an inch of rain. rough weather restricted to shore lines in ren toura, los angeles and orange counties. high surf advisory until sunday night. >> uscf has a new medical facility in side where med students are training
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at 640 traffic and weather together here. it's misting in san francisco thflt is a live shot of the bay bridge. traffic heavy on upper deck. a sea of headlights coming into san francisco. feeling better if you can see underneath the lower deck into the east bay. >> for many people image of studying cadavers is the stuff
6:40 pm
of television shows but for medical students it's a critical part of the training. that experience has taken a leap into the future. >> gazing out of the window of the learning center offers million dollar views for anyone with time tone joy them. >> we can see golden gate bridge and eat down to downtown. and on days like this, it's gorgeous. >> most of the time, medical students have their sites focused on inner most reaches of the human body. absorbing patterns of our anatomy, unraveling surprise autos when opening thoracic cavity. it wasn't lungs and heart. i had to question myself i didn't know of any other large organ. turned out to be the stomach. the stomach had herniated. >> in this lab, 21 century tools helped the discovery.
6:41 pm
moveable cameras move images to 72 inch monitors or beam them to personal ipads now double as digital books. chandler mayfield is the director of the technology enhanced learning. >> they can put this, move it around, look as they're looking at cadaver. it's the star of the show. as we say in anatomy learning. >> both managing and respecting that resource was a molt vacation. the center has space for up to 30 cadavers allowing students to practice on human tissue. the press of a button lowers a wall to separate two areas. ventilation changes. >> it's an amazing space. >> this professor helped plan the $7 million remodel prog jekt. >> we realized we wanted to continue with the dissection. we wanted a space that is
6:42 pm
inviting. we have a wall of windows for more natural light. >> as many as 150 students fill when classes are full. learning that is transformed this exkbreerns of mastering human anatomy. >> yes. it's fun. i think a lot of what our learning is first two years is out of textbooks and in kind of theoretical. getting the firsthand to touch things and to witness it, it's both just unbelievable gift and it is a fun experience. >> this lab provides video connections to operating room as louing students to follow along with experienced surgeons who are operating on the same part of the boddo. >> that is remarkable. >> coming up, what's happening with pack 12 championship game. two game suspension for raiders.
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let's get another update on the forecast now. >> with sandhya patel. >> showers beginning to intensify again. we have our own radar on mount st. helena. i'm going to get you down to street level here. you'll notice here, green valley road we're watching for this moderate to heavy pocket of rain. as i show you street level radar around santa rosa we're seeing some down pours around highway 101, brookwood avenue. showers beginning to redevelop in the east bay here. towards the emeryville area, you can see here towards orinda, crockett getting moderate rainfall. yellow indicating heavier
6:47 pm
rain. we pan around here, we do have a few showers around. down towards south bay, lighter returns. san francisco getting very light mist and shower activity at this hour. we do have a lot more rain coming. because of this we do have a flood watch on the russian river near hopland. it's close to seven feet expected to crest. and we he'dhead into sunday night, monday morning to 24 feet. this is expected to exceed flood stage. we're watching rush river. you'll notice there, -- sorry about that as i reload this here, it's expected to get close to flood stage by monday evening, 32 feet. so at 11:00 tomorrow night
6:48 pm
stormiest of the weather, by 5:00 a.m. it's going to be coming down in the north bay. sunday we're in the heart of the storm continuing into 9:00 a.m. if you do have plans to go check out raiders game this sunday rain should have passed by then, breezy, cloudy. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. we're going to see a stormy period. sunday early afternoon, things wind down, dry on monday. tuesday into wednesday that storm looks weaker. and we do vai flood watch. and a flash flood watch going through sunday evening. >> thank you. from weather to sports now. >> yes. stanford and ucla getting
6:49 pm
rained on in pack 12 game. it's had an impact. plus, row lando maclaine situation. how much [ male announcer ] introducing... a new way to save on your prescriptions. it's the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare.
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with this plan, you can get copays as low as a dollar through a preferred network pharmacy like walgreens -- where you'll find 8,000 convenient locations. best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens.
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raiders linebacker row lando maclaine suspended for two games, maclaine kicked out of practice told to stay away yechld he's never turn nootd player al davis was hoping for. it's doubtful he'll suit up in silver and black again. they'll get rid of him, but the rest of the team, raiders lost four in a row. a winable game on sunday hosting the brown autos big game this week. that is a must win for us. you know? five games to go. and i hope come sunday we'll be able to get back that victory. i was anxious for a victory. hopefully, we can get it this week. >> 49ers defensive lineman was
6:53 pm
arrested this morning on suspension of driving under the influence in possession of marijuana. dobbs will not play sunday in st. louis. >> college football, san jose state ranked in the bcs standings and today, expected to play in the military bowl played december 27th in washington, d.c.. it's between kent state, northern ill skpil ohio university. it's the spartans first bowl game since 2006. he beat new mexico in the new mexico bowl. brian wilson's tenure with the giants could be coming to an end, and soon. giants have to decide by 9:00 p.m. tonight pacific time whether to offer him a contract. wilton missed the entire year this season then needed second tommy john surgery. if giants decide to let him go,
6:54 pm
he becomes a free agent. he's talked about signing with the dodgers. >> oh, no! he lives down there. >> could resign with the giants, not over yet with a lower cost. and david stern fined spurs $250,000 foresting their stars last night in miami. san antonio ending a road trip. the head coach sent key players home. he wanted them to get rest. shock was spurs almost beat defending champ was nothing but bench players. they lost this game. the fans want to see the star players and stern is trying to protect the fans. spurs get fined. golf, thousand oaks, california second round of the world challenge presented by northwestern mutual. tiger woods stinking it.
6:55 pm
grand mcdowell on fire. a six under 66. four birdies on back nine. three-shot lead. nine under par. derek jeter. the king of new york sports. great player, friendly with media. everybody loves him but in big apple you're a target check out headline from today's new york post. derek eater. the yankee great coming off ankle surgery. you can see he's wearing a protective boot. no cardio. so he's put on a few pounds. you'd think derek jeter would get a pass. >> if you're a woman they'd be saying you have a baby bump. >> fortunately that was then't line n new york nobody gets away unscathed. also, want to give everybody an update on pack 12 championship. because carolyn is wearing her stanford cardinal colors. and i'm getting beaten up here. stanford is leading at the
6:56 pm
half. and the field is a muddy mess. players slipping and sliding everywhere. rose bowl is at stake. >> yes. exactly this, is huge. >> yes. >> peyton manning will march into oakland thursday for raiders day right here on abc 7 and fans are ready for this. >> oh, yeah. check out photo from tom j sent in showing marcel reese. he has a good seat to get that shot. 26-23 win. >> that is what we want to see next thursday. >> yes. >> check out these twins. how cute is this? these preemies were in the hospital get stronger in silver and black. >> nice. you can e mail your fan toteos we'll post them on abc 7 news do. we'll show some of them during our raiders special. raiders and broncos live from coliseum in oaklandland. >> if this weather has you thinking about taking a trip you may want to hear this
6:57 pm
first. tonight at 9:00 an industry insider on what could be happening in your hotel when you're not watching. >> outbreak in a school. dozens of kids, si
6:58 pm
this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants --
6:59 pm
an assistant district attorney from knoxville, tennessee... uate student of paleontology from washington, d.c... and our returning champion, a gradmedical student from plano, texas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome aboard. jason, our returning champion, upped his daily average with that nice performance on yesterday's program. today he faces karen and tim, who are the newcomers. and you're smiling still. that's good. [ laughs ] good luck to you. here we go. "jeopardy!" round. let's find out about the categories, shall we? starting off with...

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